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This collection of sample unit planning templates reviews four approaches schools take when developing early childhood curriculum.  Explore the purpose for creating a unit template specific to early childhood.

Sample 1: Reflective Mapping

Nursery programs, Child Care Centers, and Preschools might use this template to document the progression of activities and experiences of the children. The intentional opportunities for materials and connections provide teachers with the tools to effectively build on student experiences. This template allows for reflective or projected mapping.

ECE Reflective Mapping

Sample 2: Thematic

This integrated template allows for thematic teaching. Because early childhood curriculum is often driven by skills more than content, this template allows the theme to be the central framework while extracting and categorizing the learning that happens organically.

ECE Thematic

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Sample 3: Reggio Emilia

This Reggio Emilia-inspired template supports the process teachers go through when facilitating in this environment– providing for some structure while allowing for flexibility. The classroom environment is an important component of this approach. The topics are emergent and driven by the children.

ECE Reggio Update

Sample 4: Project-Based Learning

The Project-based Learning template helps guide teachers through the complex but flexible framework and interactive processes. The project topics are emergent and represent in-depth investigations, therefore the template is reflective in nature. The study may be carried out with an entire class or with small groups of students. The family and community involvement category intentionally tracks how the school is connecting projects to the real world. This template is often used along with other subject area templates where more whole or large group instruction is present.


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