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Curriculum Management with Atlas Empowers Alignment, Articulation, and Meaningful Collaboration

Our Team is led by expert educators who support the unique goals of your school or district.

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Inspire Student Success with Atlas Curriculum Management

We are the leading curriculum management and lesson planning platform trusted by educators at over 6,000 schools and districts. Develop, review, refine, analyze and share standards-aligned curriculum and lessons, ensuring equitable learning outcomes for all students.

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Seamless collaboration with key stakeholders in curriculum development backed up by world class PD

Atlas supports every step of the student journey from the superintendent to the parents at home. Explore each stakeholder’s journey!

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As a member of the community, Sarah is able to see her children's curriculum published by his school via the Atlas public site function. She can see what her children are learning, when it's happening and how she can support their learning at home.
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Jim, who teaches Sarah's son 4th grade history, used Atlas to build his lesson plans based off the curriculum unit he and his team created. Atlas also allows him to align his units and lessons to the standards that his school is adhering to.
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School Principal

Atlas allows the school principal William the ability to provide up to date reports on the curriculum planned and delivered at his school. He can also review and approve submitted lessons and provide feedback on the curriculum.
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Curriculum Director

Anna uses Atlas to review what curriculum is taught at the district level, and to ensure state standards are covered. The advanced analytics allows her to view the progression of skills between subjects and grades, as well as the gaps and redundancies in the curriculum which illustrates the opportunities for improvements.
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Amelia uses Atlas to show the school board how the district curriculum is aligned to state requirements. She's also trying to increase the integration of curriculum and technology and Atlas allows her to see how those digital resources can be associated with specific units and lessons.

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