Curriculum Management

Atlas is the leading curriculum management platform. As the trusted choice for over 6,000 schools in 120 countries, we provide customized learning programs for innovative pre K-12 curriculum leaders.

Curriculum First Learning Platform

Are your school’s Learning and Teaching practices, as well as Assessment and Reporting strategies connected to and guided by your written curriculum?  Wouldn’t you agree that a rich, engaging and rigorous curriculum is like the strong roots that support each student’s learning tree?

In Atlas, you will find a system that supports the whole tree – with its strong roots and healthy leaves. That’s what we call the Curriculum First Learning Platform.

Integrated Learning Platform

Atlas is customized for your curriculum journey. Whether you are using the Backward Design methodology or starting unit plans with core content and skills, Atlas is ready to support your unique curriculum design approach. In addition to dynamic features that facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration, our platform provides extensive reporting and analytics to help you turn your curriculum data into powerful insights.

Our comprehensive standards portal enables easy reference and alignment while building units and the ability to track what standards have been targeted and assessed. Or seamlessly integrate SLOs, 21st Century Skills, or life and career skills into your curriculum. On a daily basis, manage your own lesson templates as a teacher; or build uniform school-created templates that all teachers use. And with a few quick clicks, send lesson plans from Atlas to your Google Classroom to share with students!

Identity Management

Centralized accounts with secure one-click from Atlas to ManageBac, OpenApply and Integration Partner Applications. Streamline the account creation & login process. Link campuses and effectively manage your multi-campus school group.

  • Google Apps

  • Office 365

  • IMS Global

  • LDAP

Professional Development

Our Professional Development offerings are expert-led sessions designed to engage educators in continuous learning opportunities. From teacher professional development, such as curriculum design strategies, to sessions designed to support school leaders overseeing change in schools, the wide-range of tracks will support schools’ processes and initiatives. Audit curriculum for quality curriculum development, prepare for school accreditation, learn to develop NGSS units, or delve into standard-based grading – the topics are diverse and the professional development is custom designed for your school.

The trusted choice for over 6,000 leading schools around the world.

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