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Stephen Kaye

Deputy Head of Senior School

Atlas is very flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of every school in terms of its curriculum priorities and alignment with our mission and vision. Most other platforms we have seen cannot do this. Atlas Professional Development (PD) has been excellent, and the staff has been very communicative and open to suggestions making PD an immense asset.


Dulwich College Beijing, a high-performing international school, uses Atlas to centralize and align holistic curricula across early, junior, and senior schools, and beyond.

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The Challenge

The primary challenge is to centralize the entire school’s curriculum across all K-12 grade levels. Before Dulwich College Beijing started using Atlas, the curriculum process was difficult to develop, review, refine, analyze and share standards-aligned curriculum and lessons.

Furthermore, their documentation was kept within teams or on personal devices in varying formats, which led to a lack of alignment, collaboration, and inconsistency between grade levels throughout the college.

The Goal

Dulwich needed a solution for centralized storage for their written curriculum. They were looking for a more standardized way to establish curriculum standards and to assist in the vertical alignment of the college’s core philosophy from kindergarten to twelfth-grade matriculation and graduation.

The Solution

Dulwich College Beijing reviewed several options for its curriculum management process. They selected the Atlas platform because of its ability to provide exceptional customization, analytical tools, and seamless collaboration amongst all the school’s stakeholders.

The Atlas team worked with Dulwich College Beijing to design unit templates within the framework of the college’s mission and vision—a vital requirement based on the rich history of this famed educational institution. Thus, enabling the benefits of cohesive curriculum planning, alignment, and articulation throughout all K-12 grade levels. The Atlas unit planning formatting provides a consistent internal database of standards that everyone shares and serves to memorialize documentation for new teachers and future teams—especially important if a team member departs taking with them their knowledge base.

Atlas Curriculum



Team Collaboration

Currently, Dulwich College Beijing is actively in the process of mapping and unit development in the Atlas Curriculum Planning platform. They are excited to utilize the power of our data analysis features as they reflect and refine their holistic curriculum now and in the future. The Atlas team will continue to assist school leaders with professional development support when called upon.

Results & Benefits

“Atlas has been very good and its implementation very smooth,” according to feedback from users. Ease-of-use with the Atlas platform has helped overcome the primary hurdle of integrating a new mapping process into practice by their curriculum planners and teaching staff and is mitigated by leveraging Atlas Professional Development support. The PD team has worked closely with school leadership at the college to ensure that content and units are aligned to the mission and vision of the school and are contextually appropriate. This strong collaborative approach has helped the teaching staff witness the immense potential of Atlas throughout their learning journey by empowering teachers, inspiring student success, and helping the school thrive.

About Atlas Curriculum Mapping

Atlas is the leading curriculum development and lesson planning platform trusted by educators, schools, and districts around the world. Develop, review, refine, analyze, and share standards-aligned curriculum and lessons, ensuring equitable learning outcomes for all students. Atlas improves engagement with students, parents, teachers, and the community by sharing the curriculum with an Atlas public site to provide transparency and accountability along the learning journey.

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