Hello, We are Atlas

We serve thousands of educators around the world by providing a world-class Curriculum-first Digital Learning Platform to maximize learning and student growth.

Our Core Principles

Our learners are our primary focus

The purpose of Atlas is to provide the tools that educators need to facilitate individual student learning within the context of a guaranteed and viable curriculum.

Curriculum is dynamic and comprehensive

We believe the most powerful curriculum has constant improvement and approaches learning as interdisciplinary–occurring both within and outside of the classroom.

Our support goes above and beyond

We are here for our partner schools to support everything from the technical ‘how-to’ to the deeper questions around process planning and curriculum best practices.

Each school is unique, and that is a strength

Just as each learner has individual strengths and needs, we believe a tool for educators must be adaptable. We build solutions to meet the requirements of each of our partner schools.

Educational technology should create greater opportunities for learning, not get in the way

We believe tools used by educators should create deeper connections with students and allow for creative opportunities to learn

We see ourselves as part of the educational community, not apart from it

Many on our own team were teachers and school leaders themselves, and our best ideas come from partnering with our schools. We are honored to serve you!

What do we mean by “Curriculum-First”?

We believe that intentional curriculum is the foundation for strong and meaningful educational success. It ensures that concepts and skills are connected across subjects and grade levels, providing student-centered learning experiences. Lessons, activities, assignments, and assessments are all grounded in a strong, pedagogical base. In Atlas, you will find a system that supports the whole tree – with its strong roots and healthy leaves. That’s what we call the Curriculum-First Learning Platform.

tree head v2

Atlas is the leading online planning, assessment, and reporting platform for public, independent, and international schools. A one-stop platform for teaching and learning, Atlas’s modern and mobile-ready interface offers a seamless and integrated experience for coordinators, teachers, students, and parents.


The very first version of Atlas was created in 1999 for a single independent school in Portland, Oregon, USA looking to manage their curriculum processes digitally. The consulting firm that built it, Rubicon, was founded in 1989 but made the full pivot to educational technology in 2002. Since that time, we have partnered with thousands of schools in hundreds of countries–serving educators in public school districts, small independent and religious schools, international schools, and higher education.


In 2018, Rubicon joined Faria Education Group (FEG), whose mission to improve efficiency within schools globally and our reputation for excellent client service made for a perfect fit. Atlas was launched in 2020, and we now have the opportunity to offer our schools a much more comprehensive suite of tools to help schools in their teaching and learning, grade reporting, admissions & enrollment, as well as activities planning and parent communications. The FEG family now works to serve 800,000 students in over 10,000 schools across 130 countries.

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