Product Roadmap

Powering curriculum, teaching and learning at schools worldwide.


Lesson Submission and Review

Teachers can submit lessons to colleagues or supervisors for review, and receive feedback.

ClassLink Single Sign On
Atlas now supports Single Sign On from the ClassLink launchpad!
Comments and Discussions on Unit, Lessons, and reports!

The existing notes and discussions functions will be replaced by new and intuitive commenting and discussion features. Having public and private discussions on curriculum and instruction will be easy on Atlas.

OneRoster Data Sync
Is your Student Information System (SIS) OneRoster ready?  If so, we can sync your Atlas user and course assignment data with your SIS!  Read more about it here.
Lessons Portal
Teachers can now access all lessons they have developed on a calendar, or list view.  Create and manage all lessons week by week!  Read more here.

lessons portal

Standards Overview for Lessons

See how many units, and lessons are targeting each standard, in the “Standards Overview” report.

standars overview

Archiving for Lessons

Lessons are now archived with units during the annual archiving process, allowing teachers to go back and revisit older versions of a lesson taught in previous years.

Curriculum Process Assistant

Curriculum Director’s best assistant! Customizable tool that puts all resources and communications needed to plan and implement a successful curriculum process at your schools. Use preset steps, or create your own modules with content; and draft & schedule communications to send out to staff at various stages. Great for keeping the institutional memory!

curriculum process

Draft Status for Units

Curriculum Developers can set “Draft” status for units. This limits the unit visibilities to only Curriculum Developers during the draft stage.

draft status

Standards Prioritization within a Unit

Curriculum Developers can identify Priority and Supporting standards for each unit. Learn more here.

unnamed 1

Lesson Planning Collaboration

Users can invite others to collaborate on lessons they create across all grade levels and disciplines. This makes cross-disciplinary collaboration a breeze! 

LTI Ready
Atlas can be launched within Learning Management Systems such as Canvas and Schoology. This provides visibility of the school curriculum to teachers so they can design and deliver instruction guided by the curriculum map.
Improved First Login Experience & Dashboard
  • Access all of your courses from the Dashboard.
  • Add a new unit or lesson with one click.
  • Navigate simplified menus with ease.

improved login

Role-Based Permission
Teaching a course you did not personally design the curriculum for? No problem. With clearly delineated roles between a curriculum writer and a teacher, schools can create centralized curriculum and view how different teachers implement the curriculum in their classrooms through lesson planning.
Microsoft Azure SSO

Users can sign in to Atlas with MS Azure Credentials.

Atlas Integration with ManageBac
  • Atlas users can log in with their ManageBac credential.
  • ManageBac users with Atlas accounts can move seamlessly between the two products.
  • Classes in ManageBac are pre-associated with Atlas Curriculum Maps, allowing units from the maps to appear in ManageBac.
  • The units can be edited directly in ManageBac within an iframe.

Read more about the integration here.

MB Atlas Bridge

ManageBac SSO

Users of both Atlas and ManageBac can now log in to Atlas using their ManageBac credentials.

School-Managed Lesson Planner Templates

Admins can design lesson plan templates for any teacher to access and create new lessons!

  • Up to eight active admin-created templates are supported per site.
  • Unlimited number of draft templates are supported. Draft templates are marked “inactive”.
  • Our new Rich Text Editing tool supports tables to include in lesson templates.
  • Admin-managed templates are prefixed with a school house icon so it’s easy for teachers to distinguish them from their own templates.

school manage

Manage Dormant User Accounts
Some users have not logged into your Atlas site since 2016. To make your site more secure and user-management easier, we have dormant users visible. If any of these users need access to Atlas again, simply click on “Activate Account”, and a confirmation email will go to the users, allowing them to regain access.

manage dormant

Updated Charts

All pie and bar charts in Atlas are updated to use Hichart, making visualization of your curriculum data clear, colorful, and concise.

updated charts

Enhanced Rich Text

The enhanced text editor in Atlas allows for new functionality in all text fields:

  • Add tables
  • Embed active links
  • Embed images and videos
  • Resize embedded images
  • Change color of text and highlight text
  • Select from floating text editor as you scroll


Sharing Lessons in Google Classroom
  • Share your lessons to your Google Class
  • Click “View” on any of your lessons, then use the “Share to Google Classroom.”

sharing lesson

Customizable Lesson Planner Template
  • Each user can create and manage their own Lesson Templates (up to 8).

customizable lesson

Lesson Planner
  • Any collaborator of a unit can create lessons associated with the unit.
  • Collaborators can see details of their own lessons, as well as other collaborators’ lessons. Non-collaborators can only see lesson titles.
  • Lessons can align to standards with easy access to unit-targeted standards.
  • Lessons can have attachments.
  • Lessons can be deleted. (And will later show up in the recycle bin when it’s in place).
  • Owner can re-sort lessons.
  • Lessons can be printed to PDF.

lesson planner

Color Options in Unit Calendar

You get to decide which color you want the unit to be! Use this great feature to clearly categorize the units in a course.

color option

Attachment Preview

No need to download every attachment to view it. Simply click the MS Office or PDF files attached to your curriculum to get a preview before deciding whether you need to download them.


UI Simplification
More white space for clarity and simplicity so teachers can work with ease.







Atlas UI Enhancement
Atlas will have a UI update and become more mobile-friendly and even easier to navigate.
Edit Lessons Side-by-Side with units
View unit details while editing lessons for the unit. Easily use resources from a unit in lessons.
Multiple Assessment Methods in an Assessment
Selecting multiple assessment methods for an assessment will be supported.


AtlasNext for Android App
We are delighted to announce the release of the AtlasNext on Mobile for Android on the Google Play Store. The Android app supports all user types including students, parents, teachers, coordinators and admins with an improved mobile experience for all key functions including attendance tracking, classroom management, messaging, and more.
New Look & Feel: Menu Themes
With our new menu themes to choose from, you can now personalize your school menu colors to match your school branding.
Enhanced Student Portfolios
New student portfolios include a new Bulk Add feature to allow teachers to quickly add resources into multiple student portfolios, goal setting with report card integration, and coursework timeline with the ability to comment, star & link connections.
Academic Standards & Curriculum Updates
Together with Atlas & ManageBac, we are delighted to now provide over 607 sets of academic & accreditation standards and benchmarks to our schools comprising the world’s largest indexed collection of over 1.5 million fully-licensed academic standards.
Resend Welcome Emails
This feature improves existing Resend Welcome Emails functionality, so now Admin users are able to specify Year Groups which shall receive Welcome Emails. These emails can now be sent to all the students from selected groups.
Curriculum Analytics

Browse a unified overview for each curriculum program including a Unit Calendar, Whole-School Curriculum Map and Analytics for individual components and Standards Coverage.

Academic Standards & Curriculum Updates

We are delighted to now provide over 607 sets of academic & accreditation standards and benchmarks to our schools comprising the world’s largest indexed collection of over 1.5 million fully-licensed academic standards.


Resource Bank
We will be enhancing the Resource Bank to allow users to easily add multiple files or photos at once. Photos will be displayed in a new gallery format and files can be better organized with threaded comments.
Term Reporting Enhancements, New Designs & Web-view
Refreshed report card templates with new styles and customizable backgrounds. Our new web-view reports interface will allow parents to easily browse reports on the web & mobile in a responsive format with optional sharing via QR code. Web-view reports will allow for flexible design & templates, faster reports generation time, and the ability to embed portfolio items in term reporting.
Messaging & Notifications
Unified messaging across Year Groups for key upcoming Deadlines and Service & Project-based Learning, Classes for academic coursework & curriculum updates, and new Weekly & Daily Digests to stay up-to-date on key curriculum and class changes.
Flexible Unit Plan Template Editor
Better collaborative tools, and unit editing to accompany our slew of other product and unit planning enhancements.
AssessPrep Integration
Take high and low stakes exams easily with our partner AssessPrep. Coming soon to AtlasNext.
Student Dashboard Redesign
We will simplify and improve the student’s first screen upon login, the dashboard. Students will be able to use the screen as a cockpit to launch off into all parts of our solution easily while clearly understanding which tasks are assigned to them as well as upcoming deadlines.
Behavior and Discipline
We’re adding a new behaviour and discipline module that will allow users to be more granular in how they track students’ performance, attitudes and behaviour. Details and a first look at this functionality will be released before the end of the year.
Google Classroom Integration
Have centralized deadlines, and easily use two LMS’ in tandem as the content is shared over Google’s Classroom and our platform. A seamless and easily set-up integration will be available to our users soon.

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