The most certain thing about the year 2020 is – uncertainty. It’s uncertain whether, when and how teachers and students will return to the classroom; how prolonged remote learning has impacted, or will impact student learning and well-being; or whether in retrospect, we will realize that the crisis in 2020 has actually afforded us new opportunities to innovate and improve.

But one thing that is certain, is how critical intentional planning for teaching & learning is, especially during such times as we are going through. The Atlas team is honored that schools have trusted us for over two decades to bring practical solutions to district or school-wide curriculum planning. School leaders are using Atlas to help plan the transition between remote and in-person learning environments; while teachers have created hundreds of thousands of lesson plans in Atlas to extend those district/school level curriculum maps to the classroom.

Meet Your Lessons Portal

Over the last few months, we have been working on a Lessons Portal in Atlas, with one goal in mind: to allow teachers to plan for the upcoming week during the school year, and easily make adjustments based on ever-changing circumstances.
Lesson Calendar ViewCalendar View
Calendar View
Additionally, teachers can search across all of their lesson plans, and quickly add new lessons directly from the Lesson Portal!

Standards Overview for Lessons

With the growing number of lesson plans in Atlas, school leaders are hoping to gain insights into how well the lessons are aligned with standards and learning targets planned for each unit. To do that, we have added standards-aligned lesson counts into the “Standards Overview”.
Standards Overview for Lessons
We hope these new features will make lesson planning in the school year just a little bit easier. Teachers, we sincerely thank you for everything you do for our kids every day, whether you are in your classroom, or at home!

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