Now more than ever, schools need a learning platform that is built to deliver instruction, resources, assignments, and feedback to students in person, remotely, or in combination. AtlasNext provides all the necessary features to ensure uninterrupted learning and teaching no matter what the school day looks like.

Online Lessons

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The Stream and Resources feature in AtlasNext has always been a great place for asynchronous teaching when combined with classroom time. Now the Online Lessons feature allows teachers and students to switch seamlessly between different modes of learning. Teachers, students and parents can all enjoy a centralized calendar where assignments, tasks, deadlines, and online lessons appear for every class.

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Presentation Mode and KeyChat

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With the Presentation Mode, Teachers can share their Lessons and Stream & Resources in full-screen whether through our direct integration with Zoom or on a smart board or projector in a face-to-face class setting.

The brand-new KeyChat feature means teachers and students can participate in live discussions, post questions, and share ideas and reactions through Emoji keyboards. All KeyChat interactions are automatically logged into the Online Lesson transcript. A built-in profanity filter and mute capability allow teachers to organize class discussions safely and securely for all students. Students can also provide overall lesson feedback even in remote settings to allow teachers to gauge understanding.

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Split-Screen Gradebook

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Our Split-Screen Gradebook allows teachers to annotate and assess coursework side-by-side with a range of new assessment models. With support for Google Docs and Vantage Reader, you can easily provide assessment feedback and complete marking in less time and fewer clicks. Within each task, teachers can now choose from a range of assessment options including points, criteria, complete/incomplete and anecdotal teacher comments. This update also provides the ability to set task-specific clarification for assessment criteria across all curriculum programs, configure new assessment options, grade scales & weights.

Vantage Reader

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The Vantage Reader is designed to enhance assessment feedback universally. The AtlasNext Viewer & Annotation engine contains a Document Editor Feature and gives educators the ability to export to PDF, annotate with different formatting, and add comments for feedback & recommendations. A Few highlights:

  • Preview & Annotate Everywhere: Annotation and feedback can be given not just in the split-screen gradebook for classroom assignments, but in the student portfolio, project based learning, and in online lessons. 
  • Document Editor: Our Document Editor allows you to rotate, re-order and edit documents seamlessly.

Student Portfolio Updates

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The Student Portfolio now  includes a new “Bulk-Add” feature to allow teachers to quickly add resources into multiple student portfolios, goal setting with report card integration, and coursework timeline with ability to comment, star & link connections.

Atlas Data Migration

Already have your curriculum designed and planned in Atlas? Ready to use it in AtlasNext to guide your Teaching and Learning? No need to copy and paste! Our team is ready to deploy the data migration tool to help migrate your school’s units, standards, and resources from Atlas to AtlasNext. We are here to ensure your transition is a success for you and your teachers.

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