Building on our recent Zoom Online Lesson release, we are delighted to introduce Presentation Mode & KeyChat in AtlasNext to better support schools with synchronous, real-time Remote Learning.

With the Presentation Mode, Teachers can:

  • Share their Lessons and Stream & Resources in a full-screen mode with direct integration with Zoom Online Lessons. 
  • Deliver the Lesson through a smart board or projector in a face-to-face Class setting.

With one-click, Presentation Mode allows Teachers to go full-screen within each Lesson, where they can toggle through different Resource items and fully preview Documents (including Word, PowerPoint, etc.), Videos, Images and Assessment Tasks.

Teachers will also appreciate handy shortcuts within the Presentation Mode, such as using the ⬆️ and ⬇️ on the keyboard to quickly navigate between Resources from the Lesson Plan.

With the KeyChat functions, Teachers and Students can participate in live discussions and post questions, as well as make online learning more fun with Emojis. All KeyChat interactions are automatically logged into the Online Lesson transcript.

The built-in profanity filters and mute capability allow Teachers to organize class discussions safely and securely for all students. Students can also provide overall Lesson feedback with simple Emojis (e.g. I understand vs. Confused), giving Teachers real-time insight & visibility into student understanding.

Once a Lesson is completed, the Zoom recording is saved for playback together with the KeyChat transcript and overall Student feedback. This provides an invaluable way for students to review a Lesson in case of absence and to quickly get up-to-speed. It also ensures that Schools maintain a compliance record for each lesson delivered online.

Presentation Mode was built with the Students in mind. The Notes feature allows students to write personal notes while the Teacher is presenting.

Stay tuned for further updates over the Summer. We will be bringing even more advanced Remote Learning solutions to help get ready for the new school year!

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