Lesson Planning Templates: So many options!

Announcements | February 21, 2020
by Megan Davenport and Elizabeth Clarkson There are many different ways to approach lesson planning. Some schools or districts ask for a consistent approach, while others allow flexibility for teachers to outline their lessons as they see fit. We have outlined several...

The Benefits of Unit Planning

Announcements | February 20, 2020
As professional development facilitators at Faria Education Group, we spend a tremendous amount of time with school leaders and teachers discussing curriculum and unit plans. We coach teachers to build strong content and skills that are aligned to standards while...

Academic Honesty in a Digital World

Announcements | February 18, 2020
It has never been easier for students to gain information than it is now. The internet has become an essential part of modern education and for good reason. The students we teach have so much knowledge at their fingertips that they can use to write papers and do...

Self-Publishing IB Learner Profile Teaching Materials

Announcements | February 12, 2020
When you ask your students what it means to be a risk-taker, how many answers include jumping off of something high? Have you ever witnessed the word principled draw blank faces across an entire class of fourth graders? How many of your students define an inquirer as...

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