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Take your lesson planning to the next level with the newly improved My Lessons section of Atlas! Managing lesson plans can be a challenge because there are just so many of them. Our goal is to make managing those lessons easier than ever. Here some highlights from this new update:

My Lesson Calendar by Month or Week

As a teacher, this is the most popular place to go for day-to-day lesson management. If you have utilized the new Unit Calendar by Month view, you will notice some similarities. Here are a few of our favorite features:

  • View all of your lessons for the full month to get a complete picture of what you will be doing, or zoom into the week view to get a closer look at this week
  • Click on the lesson for quick actions like view, delete, or edit settings
  • Sync with your Google Calendar from the Actions menu for easy access to your lessons and to keep an eye on pacing

Unit Calendar by

My Lesson List

Want to do some major lesson clean-up or management? This is the place! The extensive filters allow you to find any lesson to make edits or perform bulk actions, like deleting, sharing, or submitting multiple lessons for review. Here are a few tips for using the filters:

  • Use the middle filters to find Lessons not associated with units or Lessons associated with recycled courses/units. Once you have identified these lessons, you can determine if they should be assigned to units/courses or deleted.
    Lessons Not Associated w
  • Click on the heading Duration to sort by date. This will allow you to find any lessons that are missing dates. This is especially useful if you like looking at the calendar views, but notice that lessons are missing. Simply click on the lesson name to edit the lesson and add duration.

Lessons to Review

If you are responsible for reviewing lessons, this new page is for you! Utilize this page to quickly see what lessons have been submitted for review. You can click the lesson name to review and/or add comments. You can mark the lesson as reviewed directly from the lesson page or from this Lessons to Review page.

  • You will automatically see any lessons that are pending review. If this page is empty, it simply means you are all caught up on your lesson review
  • Click on the filter for “Reviewed Lessons” to look at lessons that you have already reviewed. You can use the filters for keyword search or finding lesson editors to easily find what you are looking for.
    Lesson to Review@2x 1


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