Professional Development for Schools

Our PD Team is led by expert educators who create flexible professional learning
opportunities designed to support the unique goals of your school or district.

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Session Topics & Offerings

Schools and districts can take advantage of multiple, engaging professional learning offerings. These sessions can be mixed, matched, and customized to meet the needs of educators and schools.

We believe strong PD is built around clear objectives and deliverables

All of the sessions below are typically delivered over a 2-hour virtual session or combined to create a full day onsite PD agenda. Our team strives to deliver sessions through a mix of content facilitation and interactive participant engagement.

⭐ Denotes the most popular sessions.

Leadership & Process
Title Outcomes
1 :
Leadership Level 1 Series: Beginning, Refreshing or Restarting ⭐

Sample agenda

  • Participants will explore the key elements in a curriculum process
  • Gain hands-on experience in developing an outline of your curricular strategic plan
2 :
Leadership Level 2 Series: Continuing the Working ⭐

Sample agenda

  • Review their current curricular process to determine opportunities for growth
  • Conduct an in depth review of the curriculum and outline resources to strengthen the process
3 :
Overview of Building a Curriculum Process
  • Identify the purpose and vision for the curriculum process at your school/ district
  • Walk through a high level overview of the elements in a curriculum process
4 :
Leveraging Atlas Templates and Features to Meet Curricular Goals
  • Explore ways to configure your Atlas site to achieve your school and district curriculum goals
  • Define clear expectations, templates and resources for developing curriculum
Curriculum Development
Title Outcomes
5 :
Benefits of Curriculum Mapping: Why Map?
  • Define curriculum and its components
  • Articulate the opportunities and barriers of mapping for different audiences
  • Explore sample units in our Public Site (use with caution)
6 :
Curriculum Basics for Teachers in Atlas

Available on Atlas Learn Logo

  • Review the process and purpose of curriculum mapping
  • Explore the key features and navigation tools in Atlas
7 :
Atlas Refresher for Administrators and Leaders
  • Walkthrough the key features of Atlas specific to your role
  • Use Browse to explore various courses in Atlas
  • Preview reports to support curricular conversations at individual schools
8 :
Series: Curriculum Writing ⭐

Sample agenda

  • Unitizing Standards within a Course
  • Unpack Standards into Concepts and Student Objectives
  • Develop Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions
  • Assess Learning: Formative and Summative Assessments
  • The Learning Plan or Create Lessons Aligned to Unit Plans
9 :
Foundations of Curriculum Writing: A Backwards Design Approach
  • Walkthrough strategies to develop and define course-level curriculum based on a backwards design framework
  • Discuss elements of high-quality curriculum by reviewing sample units
10 :
Series: Selecting Power Standards at the School or District Level
  • Establish a common understanding of how to prioritize standards
  • Review alignment of standards across multiple units or courses
11 :
Foundations of Standards
  • Walkthrough the organization of standards and how they can drive instruction
  • Review the vertical scaffolding of standards
12 :
Unitizing Standards within a Course

Available on Atlas Learn Logo

  • Analyze the course-level standards
  • Explore strategies to select and organize standards within a unit of study
  • Identify which standards are the primary focus of the unit
13 :
Unpack Standards into Content and Student Objectives ⭐

Available on Atlas Learn Logo

  • Walk through strategies for unpacking standards into clear learning goals, including content and student outcomes
  • Identify what students should know and be able to do by the end of the unit
14 :
Develop Unit Big Ideas and Essential Questions ⭐

Available on Atlas Learn Logo

  • Identify the overarching purpose and focus of a unit
  • Develop big ideas and essential questions that guide student learning
15 :
Assess Learning: Develop Quality Assessments Multisession Series
  • Explore ways to meaningfully assess understanding of unit goals
  • Review elements of quality assessments, including sample rubrics and success criteria
16 :
High Level Overview of Formative and Summative Assessment
  • Differentiate between characteristics of formative and summative assessments
  • Learn how to develop and add assessments in Atlas or Managebac
17 :
The Learning Plan
  • Develop clear learning targets aligned to the unit plan
  • Create meaningful activities that help students achieve the learning objectives in a unit
18 :
Create Lessons Aligned to Unit Plans
  • Discuss how lesson planning connects to the bigger picture of unit planning and overall curriculum development
  • Explore how to develop lessons aligned to the unit plan
  • Walkthrough the lesson planner in Atlas or Managebac
19 :
Update the Curriculum with a Culturally Relevant Lens
  • Review current unit goals and assessments with a lens of cultural relevance
  • Update concept and skills in the units to support culturally relevant learning for diverse learners
  • Discuss elements of inclusive assessments
Curriculum Review
Title Outcomes
20 :
Series: Curriculum Review ⭐

Sample agenda

Series: Advanced Curriculum Review ⭐

Sample agenda

  • Overview of a 5 Step Curriculum Review Cycle
  • Using Reports in Atlas to Review Curriculum
  • Quality Unit Review

In this advanced series, sessions will include a brief refresher of the steps in a review cycle and hands on experience in completing a cycle with a specific focus. Participants should plan to work with their team between sessions and come prepared to make decisions through collaborative conversations

21 :
Overview of a 5 Step Curriculum Review Cycle
  • Explore and discuss the 5 steps of a review cycle with examples
  • Consider additional needs to ensure the ongoing use of the curriculum review cycles to update and strengthen the written curriculum
22 :
Using Reports in Atlas to Review Curriculum

Reports technical training included in Premium Support

  • Learn how to utilize reports in Atlas to support your role in curriculum work
  • Walk away with several reports saved for future use
23 :
Quality Unit Review
  • Discuss the elements of a high quality unit plan
  • Review unit(s) using a sample rubric and/or Atlas reports
24 :
Prepare for a New Academic Year: Course Review
  • Review curriculum and document any changes that occurred during the previous academic year
  • Use reports to identify potential gaps in learning and discuss next steps
Instructional Approaches
Title Outcomes
25 :
Early Childhood: Unit Developmen
  • Based on school’s template, explore the variety of ways to organize content/thematic information
  • Discuss ways to include and/or document non-thematic elements in a unit planner
26 :
Early Childhood: Phonological Awareness
  • Break down the stages of phonological awareness development to understand the subtle differences between these skills
  • Discuss teacher strategies to support various levels of development
27 :
Series: Unit Planning to Support English Language Development

Sample agenda

  • Standards & Learning Goals for Language Development
  • Create Assessments for Multilingual Learners
  • Develop Learning Plans for Multilingual Learners
28 :
Standards & Learning Goals for Language Development
  • Align units with content & language standards and provide language goals for multiple English proficiency levels
  • Outline unit learning goals that support culturally and linguistically diverse students
29 :
Create Assessments for Multilingual Learners
  • Determine how students can demonstrate understanding of both the content and language goals, using multiple language domains
  • Analyze the unit assessment(s) for alignment to content & language goals
30 :
Develop Learning Plans for Multilingual Learners
  • Develop integrated lesson targets aligned to the unit plan
  • Outline instructional strategies and approaches to support content learning and language acquisition
31 :
Scaffolding Instruction
  • Explore techniques and strategies for scaffolding language and content at various levels
  • Create or update units & lessons with intentional content and language scaffolds
32 :
Planning for Differentiation
  • Review key elements of differentiated instruction
  • Explore differentiated instruction strategies and add specific strategies to current units
21. Performance Assessment

PD Packages

Let us support you in developing a plan for your team’s professional learning. Browse our options below and mix and match to meet your unique goals!

Image PD Pakcage@2x 1
With each package your team will receive:
  • The specified number of sessions or onsite days
  • Consultative hours with a PD facilitator to discuss the PD agenda, goals, timeline, and next steps in the broader PD plan
  • One facilitator with a maximum of 60 participants per session or day

*For onsite days, out-of-pocket travel expenses for the facilitator are not a part of the cost listed below and billed separately after the onsite.

Virtual Sessions

If you are looking for sessions that support ongoing professional learning, virtual or hybrid packages are a great way to create a cohesive plan that builds teacher capacity by having multiple touch points throughout the year.

3 Virtual Sessions


  • 3 virtual professional development sessions (2 hours each)
  • 2 consultative hours

8 Virtual Sessions


  • 8 virtual professional development sessions (2 hours each)
  • 6 consultative hours

12 Virtual Sessions


  • 12 virtual professional development sessions (2 hours each)
  • 10 consultative hours
Onsite Packages

Our team will visit your school or district for tailored onsite PD. Whether it is a one day event or part of a broader plan, we can customize the learning to meet your needs!

1 Day Onsite


  • 1 day onsite

2 Concurrent Days Onsite


  • 2 concurrent days onsite

3 Concurrent Days Onsite


  • 3 concurrent days onsite

3 Days Onsite


  • 3 days onsite
Create your own Hybrid PD Package

Maybe you want to have a mix of onsite and virtual – no problem! Our team will work with you to create a customized PD Plan.

Some of the popular add-ons to an onsite package include:

  • 5 consultative or coaching hours: $1,000
  • 10 consultative or coaching hours: $1,960
  • 3 Virtual Sessions: $3,100
  • 5 Virtual Sessions: $5,000
8. Teachers

Consultation and Coaching

Our team of facilitators are here to support your curriculum work and provide the extra momentum you need to keep moving the work forward.

We can brainstorm ideas, discuss next steps or provide feedback on work in progress.

You can choose how to use the hours throughout the year; mix and match topics to make the most of the time available.

Consultation for Leaders

These sessions provide school or district leaders with a fresh perspective on a variety of topics.

Potential topics:

  • Discuss a long term plan for curriculum writing.
  • Explore reports to analyze your current curriculum.
  • Adapt or revise your next steps in your curriculum review process.
  • Brainstorm your accreditation preparation and how Atlas can help.
  • Update your unit or lesson plan templates.
  • Create a unit style guide that aligns to your school’s or district goals.
Curriculum Coaching for Teachers

Ideal sessions for providing real time support for small groups of teachers or curriculum writers.

Potential topics:

  • Review one unit together and provide specific feedback on unit content.
  • Support teacher planning sessions or PLC meetings in real-time by answering questions around unit planning.
  • Discuss teacher specific reports that are helpful in the curriculum review process.
  • Orient new teachers to Atlas and walk through Atlas as it relates to their role.
  • Explore the basics of unit writing and development.
Supporting Curriculum Transitions

As schools transition from one Curriculum Leader to another, Atlas offers two options to support a seamless process both for outgoing and incoming leadership. Our team of consultants will work with:

  • Outgoing Leadership (Curriculum Leader, Director, Principal) to update Atlas with any outstanding work that is complete, clarify messaging to staff, organize the curriculum process currently in place, identify and build a team’s curriculum capacity, and document the process for the incoming person(s) designated to take over curriculum responsibilities
  • Incoming Leadership to onboard a new Curriculum Leader and support them as they unpack the current plan for curriculum documentation, plan for continuous improvement, and identify future areas of focus and growth
Packages for Coaching and Consultation


for 5 hours


for 10 hours


for 40 hours

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Atlas Learn

Atlas Learn is an on demand, asynchronous professional development platform designed to empower educators to take ownership of their own learning.

From the ‘how-to’ to the why it matters, courses for every educator.

Individuals can work at their own speed as they explore a variety of topics centered around Atlas ‘How-to’, unit development and student engagement.

Exam Study

Atlas Learn Bundle

Includes access to all courses

Certificate of completion awarded for each course completed.

Educator Testimonials

Open Quote@4x 8

Your facilitation was amazing! One of the best facilitations with Zoom that I have seen with a large group. The activity in the beginning was helpful in improving participation and communication especially those who are not as familiar with Zoom.
– Anonymous feedback from a virtual session on Foundations of Curriculum Writing
Open Quote@4x 8

The presentation of information was very well organized and informative. I marked strongly agree for “Encourage a growth mindset” because the review did remind me of how important what I’m doing already is.
– Anonymous feedback from a virtual session on Differentiation
Open Quote@4x 8

Your willingness to support varied learner needs was most appreciated.
– Anonymous feedback from a virtual session on Unit Planning in Atlas
Open Quote@4x 8

Thank you for making it productive and informational. All the information will make the curriculum useable in the future and not just a doc that the district makes us have.
– Anonymous feedback from a virtual session on Guided Curriculum Review
Open Quote@4x 8

I feel more equipped to backwards design a unit. The activities were very engaging. The collaboration you fostered between colleagues was very effective as we received feedback on how to increase student agency.
– Anonymous feedback from an onsite day on Curriculum Writing
Open Quote@4x 8

Your willingness to support varied learner needs was most appreciated.
– Anonymous feedback from a virtual session on Unit Planning in Atlas