Atlas for Districts & Public Schools

A comprehensive curriculum mapping system for Public Schools and Districts allowing for customized planning, detailed reporting & analytics, and access to thousands of academic standards.

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Why Atlas

Aligning to state and national standards is easy and Atlas even allows districts to unpack, prioritize, and create their own sets of academic benchmarks and goals.

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Lesson Planning

Our most recent Lesson Planning feature makes it easier for teachers to connect all their digital curriculum, planning tools, and resources in one centralized place. Combined with our robust analytic features, you can run multi-tiered reports to, for example, run explore how district curriculum is implemented in the classroom and how it impacts student learning.

General Goal

Curriculum Analytics

Get inspired by data. Use Atlas to turn your curriculum data into curriculum insights. How are standards planned, taught and assessed? How are skills scaffolded as students progress? With Atlas, you can create standards-based performance reports, and define weighted categories for assignments and assessments.


Exceptional Service & Support

All schools receive unlimited complimentary phone and email support for teachers and administrators, plus flexible online training options. Our technology operations and support teams, mostly comprised of educators, deliver world-class service with 99.8% system uptime, 24-hour telephone & email support, and security & data protection compliance.

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Connecting with the Local and Global Community

Customized Public Sites enable districts to share select portions of their curriculum and resources in Atlas with parents and the broader community. These exemplar sites inspire and engage the broader education community by highlighting quality units and curriculum. We have found that public sites establish strong PLC’s and connect schools that benefit from each other’s work and experiences both locally and globally.


Standards Alignment

Our dedicated Standards Team maintains a robust database of national, provincial and specialty standards that are always up-to-date and easily accessible. In addition to the Common Core, we offer all State Standards for core subject areas, CTE standards, 75 national and international frameworks, 100 district and Diocesan standards, plus other niche sets from technology literacy to personal finance education. Teaching in other languages? We offer standards in Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, and more.


Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

Let Atlas be the source of truth for your school and district curriculum. All work and attachments added into the system are saved and backed up multiple times on our servers. Teachers and administrators have secure access to Atlas anywhere with an internet connection. A yearly archive safeguards the curriculum providing visibility and posterity while fostering continuous improvement.

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What People Are Saying

“Candidly, Atlas is a great resource for people to take advantage of because you are never done and you are constantly revising … it’s not even about the adults in that process, it is about the kids.”

Dr. Matt Crowley, Superintendent | Woburn Schools, MA

“Principals, assistant principals, heads of departments… are actively working with teams to tweak and build their units. Part of that protocol is that Atlas is open and someone is documenting the conversation and updating the units as they are going through the process.”


“It’s not about filling in boxes. This is about designing instruction.”


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