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Curriculum mapping with Atlas empowers alignment, articulation, and meaningful collaboration.

Seamless collaboration with key stakeholders in curriculum development, delivery, and engagement


Atlas is the leading curriculum development and lesson planning platform trusted by educators at over 6,000 schools and districts. Develop, review, refine, analyze and share standards-aligned curriculum and lessons, ensuring equitable learning outcomes for all students. Improve engagement with students, parents, teachers, and the community by sharing your curriculum to provide transparency and accountability.

Discover the confidence to create and deliver an engaging curriculum that empowers student success and an educational experience that helps your institution thrive.

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Curriculum Mapping

Pace your units, align to standards and develop units on your custom unit planner.

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Lesson Planning

Create and align your lessons to standards in context of your units. Plan by class, day, or any period of time.

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Curriculum Analytics

Review gaps, redundancies, and interdisciplinary connections to refine and enhance your students' curriculum journey.

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Collaborate & Discuss

Discuss, share, and actively participate in the curriculum process and review from anywhere with our communication tools.

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Transparent Sharing

Engage your community with a public site by sharing only the curriculum information you are ready and willing to share.

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District Mapping

Publish district curriculum to specific schools or classes on a regular basis to ensure your teachers have the most up-to-date content

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With OneRoster compliance, LTI integration, Google & Microsoft SSO, Google Classroom, and Google Drive integrations, Atlas works seamlessly with your other tools.

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