The Goldbelt Heritage Foundation

Juneau, Alaska

Etienne Soboleff

Operations Administrator

Goldbelt Heritage Foundation is excited to be working with Atlas to create a usable online platform for our culturally relevant curriculum.

The Goldbelt Heritage Foundation (GHF) was established in 2001 and is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that is managed and governed entirely by Alaska Native people.

Based in Juneau, Alaska, GHF’s vision and mission is to protect the cultural identity and dignity of Southeast Alaskan Native people by creating immersive environments, tools, and partnerships within the community.

  • Learning Activities icoCurriculum Mapping
  • Adjusting to a New Culture icoCulturally-Responsive Curriculum
  • Service Learning icoNon-for-Profit Organization

The Goal

The Goldbelt Heritage Foundation has worked for over two decades to curate curricular resources created by Tlingit knowledge bearers, speakers, and authors. Leveraging these precious resources to safeguard and share Southeast Alaskan Native culture requires curation, maintenance, and archiving. GHF sought Atlas to map their culturally-responsive curriculum to preserve this knowledge now and for future generations.


“Our goal was to ultimately make these units accessible to educators throughout Southeast Alaska and beyond. Atlas provided a solid foundation, coupled with flexible support when necessary, to make this possible.”

The Solution

After a local presentation on the new library and Haa Shuká Tundatáani framework, our Atlas public site hits jumped from single digit views to over 250 in one day showing interest and need for this resource.

GHF used Atlas to provide a forum for GHF experts and curriculum committee members to document, organize, and share resources with a larger audience. They published their curriculum on an Atlas public site, which gives access to units and lessons across grade levels and subject areas, all from a link on GHF’s website.


Results and Benefits

GHF sees the most positive outcomes of their work with Atlas in three areas:

  • Resources icoPrinted materials are converted into online resources through Atlas in a predictable manner that helps share GHF’s story and mission.
  • Customization Landing Page icoAtlas allows for customization of unit and lesson plan templates that align the authoring process, providing consistency for educators.
  • Classify icoThe curriculum map is a tool for navigation across GHF’s culturally-derived content. The compilation of rich and integrated curricula has strived to capture the dynamics and nuances of the original cultural sources, narratives, and understandings and is intended for a broader audience than just the local school district.
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