What Atlas schools say...

Feedback and reviews from schools using Atlas.

In addition to being pleasant and polite, [Atlas Support] was able to quickly and effectively resolve our issue with adding graphic design standards. Very grateful for the support!

Don Campbell

Chapel School

Atlas is a very flexible programme which enables any teacher to keep his/her subject curriculum in an effective order and meaningful resource centre. The time and dates are indicated on the page that one can revisit the pages as many times as possible. The resources and materials one has used are saved and you may do any changes to update them. Moreover, the reflection page is so helpful to contemplate on the previous teaching and learning processes.

Gaukhar Khalyk

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Astana (NISA)

Atlas is a great curriculum hub and curriculum monitoring tool. Lends itself to collaboration , accountability, and interdisciplinary planning.

Liliana Borrero

Colegio Nueva Granada

[I enjoy using Atlas] because I think it’s the single best tool for planning, collaboration, documentation, and curriculum development.

Katherine Koonce

The Covenant School, TN

Atlas is a good way to create, adapt and differentiate curriculum. Teachers use maps to create classes and plan assignments and assessments.

Mercedes Calvo

American Cooperative School

The program is user friendly, very clear and organized. It has flexibility regarding all the aspects that the curriculum must have and has the option of uploading the teaching resources, so you have everything in one place.

Marcelo Picado

Country Day School (Nord Anglia Education)

Atlas is fundamental to ensure continuity along the years, especially in the context of international schools. I have been working at international schools for many years and the turn over at this type of institution is much higher than at regular national schools. However, every time a new teacher comes, they obviously have excellent “new ideas” which sometimes implies in them changing the content and methods previously used. Atlas helps prevent this tendency to constant change.

Eli Gomes

American International School of Guangzhou

Atlas is an essential tool for a concrete documentation of curriculum at a school. Consistent yet tailored. Interface is consistently being updated and the tool is flexible for modifications in curriculum decided at different levels of the education system.

Danielle Sherdan

American School of Brasilia

Atlas is an easy-to-use system, providing one central location for all our district’s curriculum. Templates can be customized according to a district’s specific needs.

Joan Cansdale

The Plainfield Public School District, NJ