The mantra encapsulates the rich but straightforward approach to mapping presented by Julie Dietrich of St. Peter’s Lutheran School (Colombus, IN) in the Curriculum Spark webinar, Creating a Continuous Curriculum Improvement Cycle.   Just try saying it a few times, and you might discover its productive, restorative, collaborative properties…

Map, celebrate, review, repeat…
Map, celebrate, review, repeat…

After sharing their approach to mapping, Julie deftly explained how this mantra outlines the robust curriculum mapping process at St. Peter’s.  Throughout Julie’s share-out, webinar participants seemed to hone-in on some mapping “light bulb moments” that are underscored below using a light bulb icon.  Here are some of the highlights as Julie unveiled the mapping cycle at St. Peter’s.




The review process can be a difficult step to start from scratch.  Julie indicated that her team’s Quality Mapping Rubrics (linked below) did wonders to guide the review process.  This rubric not only established the mapping goals and ideals before the process started, but helped mapping teachers identify the gaps and areas for improvement later.  Review can occur both individually and in groups.


A special thanks to Julie for sharing the St. Peter’s Lutheran School approach to mapping with us.  Happy mapping and remember to just keep calm and…

map, celebrate, review, repeat!

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