We are delighted to announce an integration partnership between Atlas and The Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR), a non-profit global organization dedicated to improving education via answering the question: “What should students learn for the 21st century?”

Our partnership focuses on providing the Center for Curriculum Redesign’s 4D Framework to our partner schools looking for a guide to examine how their current curriculum incorporates critical 21st century competencies that prepare students for life beyond the classroom. Schools can utilize the framework to deeply refine what students learn by reviewing their curriculum against the outlined dimensions of skills, behaviors, and meta-learning. 

This partnership complements the extensive collection of academic standards available in our platform and the unique curriculum review processes initiated by our partner schools. In addition to the curriculum planning  and reporting developed within our platform, our professional development offerings support how each  school can choose to engage with the framework. 

For more information, view the Center for Curriculum Redesign’s original announcement here.


About Atlas

Atlas is the leading curriculum management platform for K-12 schools. Atlas allows schools around the world to initiate, revamp, and continuously refine and improve their curriculum development process. Founded in 1988, Atlas services are used by more than 1,800 schools and districts around the world. 

About Faria Education Group

Faria Education Group is an international education company that provides services and systems for international schools including its flagship, ManageBac, a curriculum-first learning platform, and OpenApply, an online admissions service. Its services are used by more than 750,000 students in over 2,500 international schools in 120 countries and by four out of five International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma students.

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