We asked a group of educators what advice they would give others who are just starting to document their curriculum.  What was amazing, was the fact that 10 groups came up with very similar ideas.

Before getting started with writing curriculum, the entire group felt strongly that a school needs to first establish its vision by asking, “What do we want to get out of having a written curriculum?” Through dialogue with teams, a school can establish the importance of a fluid and purposeful curriculum process.

Tips for writing curriculum:

  1. Determine what is essential to developing the curriculum and be clear 
  2. Make it visual, take away linear thinking
  3. Focus on what you want students to learn
  4. Be able to explain why students need to learn a piece of content or skill
  5. Your textbook is a resource, not your curriculum
  6. Align learning activities with unit outcomes and learning targets
  7. Remember that it is about the learner, not the teacher
  8. Collaborate – doesn’t have to be those who teach your same course, reach out to others
  9. Explore common language and understanding of what you are capturing in the curriculum
  10. Don’t worry about trying to fit it all in – just create one unit at a time
  11. And most importantly – build in time!
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