Adopt the PDE SAS framework into unit plans

For those of you that have logged on and looked at the SAS portal, you know that there are a lot of resources there. You can adopt these into your curriculum. In this approach, full SAS modules can be used as the building blocks for units of instruction, or components of the framework from the SAS portal can be integrated into units of instruction.

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Example: Unit Calendar with SAS Modules
Example: SAS Unit Plan
Example: Align to the Big Ideas and Essential Questions

Why Adopt

  • Consistency in language
  • Ease of use for teachers
  • Alignment to assessments
  • Reporting capabilities

Things to Consider

  • Lack of engagement and critical thinking with the content when it is checkable
  • If Big Ideas and EQs are not part the process when designing assessments, then there is a disconnect

Adapt PDE SAS to meet your curricular goals

Schools also adapt elements to meet your curricular goals and support teachers by integrating components of the framework into curriculum with the ability to add teacher created content.

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Checklist for Big Ideas and Essential Questions
Free Text Box to Copy and Paste or Adjust the Big Ideas and EQ’s

Why Adapt

  • Consistency in language
  • Ease of use for teachers
  • Allows for teacher generated Big Ideas and EQs
  • Greater understanding and application of the framework

Things to Consider

  • If copying them in, no assurance that all the Big Ideas and EQs are being used
  • Potential missed spiraling opportunity
  • Quality inconsistencies

Reflect while creating & reviewing curriculum

Schools can also use the portal as a reflective piece as teachers are writing curriculum. If your curriculum is strong, the framework can be a resource for reflection with guiding questions and as a basis for discussion in grade-level of PLC meetings.

Link to the Framework to the Unit Planner for Easy Access
Reflection Category with Guiding Questions
Bring the Framework to Grade-Level and PLC Meetings

Why Reflect

  • Introducing the framework to teachers
  • Framework is just a reference for teachers moving forward
  • Capture anecdotal thoughts on use of framework pieces
  • Efficacy of the framework

Things to Consider

  • Hard to track use or consistency of framework content in the curriculum
  • More time intensive to review framework
  • Lack of purposeful integration into the curriculum
Closing Reflections
  • How do you currently use the SAS Framework?
  • What do you want to be able to see from the Framework in your curriculum?
  • What professional development do teachers need to meet your goal?

If you’re interested in adding similar categories to your school’s template, reach out to our Support team. And if you’re not (yet!) an Atlas client, learn more about the curriculum design platform featured in this blog.

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