Written by Marie Mugabe, FariaPD

As we enter a new landscape for schools, teachers around the globe must shift their in-person classes to virtual platforms. There are many questions educators face during this time, including: 

  • How do we prioritize the academic and social emotional needs of students?
  • What is most essential to our students’ learning?
  • How can we meet the needs of various students through differentiation?
  • How do we keep our students engaged in a virtual classroom setting?
  • What does virtual learning look like for our early learners?

We believe in the power of collaboration and understand the need to come together as a global community to connect, share and learn together. In this webinar series, teachers from around the world share practical strategies, resources, and adjustments they are making as they grapple with how to best support students through remote learning. We welcome you to watch the recordings of our webinars series to see how teachers are starting to answer these questions! 

#1. Teachers Helping Teachers: A Conversation about Remote Learning 

THT Image 1

#2. Teachers Helping Teachers: A Conversation about Shifts in Teaching for Remote Learning

THT Image 2

#3. Teachers Helping Teachers: A Conversation about Differentiation & Engagement in a Virtual Classroom 

THT Image 3

#4. Teachers Helping Teachers: A Conversation about Early Years Remote Learning 

THT Image 4

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming webinars! To see our updated list, visit us here.

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