​​An Atlas Public Site is a website that mirrors your internal system in order to make parts of your curriculum accessible to people outside of your school team, either with or without a password. It can contain almost any combination of curriculum elements from your Atlas site, and will be automatically updated when users make changes to their curriculum internally. It is a great way to share part of your curriculum with families, community members, and other stakeholders (such as a school board or accreditation team), while still keeping selected aspects of your curriculum private.

For ideas to create a public site for your school, refer to our new guide, 3 Components of a Quality Public Site in Atlas, then explore our new public site updates:

  • Quick and Flexible Customizations: Public sites will now be easier than ever to manage! System Administrators have a new Manage Public Site Settings page for greater control over what does (or does not) appear on your public site. All changes will be made in real time making it easy to explore which settings will work best for you!
  • Welcome Page Design: System Administrators will now have the ability to easily design, edit, and improve your Public Site Welcome Page. With a rich text editor and formatting options like adding a header or sidebar, you can choose to keep your page simple or add additional design elements and images to make your site more engaging. Learn more about this update in our new guide to Designing an Atlas Public Site Welcome Page.

Learn more about these updates and more with one of our webinars, available live and on-demand.

For more information about creating a public site for your school, contact your account manager or contact [email protected] to get started!

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