Welcome to the future of educational mapping! We are thrilled to unveil the game-changing update: Atlas AI! Whether you’re a first-year teacher or a veteran curriculum writer, this update can help to support and streamline your curriculum mapping process.

Atlas AI will help to build units by generating ideas for individual elements of your unit planner. To do this, Atlas AI uses the name of your unit, your course name and grade level, standards you have selected for the unit, the field within your unit planner that you are working in, and any specific notes you have. This application of generative AI will help curriculum writers get started in generating elements like enduring understandings or unpacking standards for content and skills, while allowing teachers to review and refine the ideas by Atlas AI.

Atlas AI uses:

  • Course Title
  • Grade Level
  • Unit Name
  • Unit Planner Category Name
  • Up to 10 Standards Targeted in the Unit
  • Any Additional Information you wish to provide

Like other generative AI tools, Atlas AI allows teachers and curriculum writers to chat back and forth to create content that helps teachers create units to meet the unique needs of their students.

Using the chat feature helps teachers work together with Atlas AI to create unit content while saving valuable time.

  • Write these in student-friendly language
  • Translate these key concepts into Spanish as well
  • Can you condense this list into no more than five essential questions?
  • Identify a focus on the Canterbury Tale The Wife of Bath’s Tale
  • Break this learning objective into scaffolded objectives.

AI in the classroom has many applications to save teachers time and synthesize resources in unit and lesson planning and beyond. To learn more about how Faria Education Group will and will not use AI in tools like Atlas, explore our Acceptable Usage Policy. Contact your Atlas Account Manager or our Atlas Support Team for a demo and to learn more about how Atlas AI can support your curriculum mapping.

Atlas AI in AtlasLessons

Atlas AI is available for AtlasLessons for schools who have subscribed to Premium Lesson Planning! To learn more about Atlas AI in Premium Lesson Planning, contact your Atlas Account Manager.

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