For users who subscribe to Atlas lesson planning, Atlas has a new update to facilitate planning lessons in a weekly lesson planner view. When users open My Lessons, they will now see their lessons represented as color-coded cards across a week-long calendar.

lesson plan

Each of these cards contains a snapshot of the day’s lesson. Users can select which courses they would like to view at one time, and can see a snapshot of the number of standards addressed in the lesson, change the lesson dates, and submit their lesson for review without opening another window. As before, users can view lessons across courses in their Atlas site, but can only edit their own, just as with units. Users can also view previous years’ lessons, from their own lessons as well as other teachers of the course.

To see a fuller picture of the lesson, users can expand the window of each card and make any changes, all without leaving the weekly lesson planner.

lesson calendar

Learn more about Lesson Templates in Atlas

The Integrated View option allows you to condense the rows of multiple courses into one, providing options for teachers who might teach classes on alternate days on an AB schedule.


For more about the new weekly lesson planner or to Lesson Planning in Atlas for your Atlas site, contact your Atlas Account Manager.

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