In November 2023, Misbah Ghufran, Curriculum Coordinator and Accreditation Coordinator at Lahore American School, attended the Atlas Regional Workshop in Abu Dhabi. She and over fifty educators from over twenty schools across five countries came together to delve into thoughtful discussions and actionable strategies during the two-day event, focusing on defining the curriculum process and moving it forward.

During the Regional Workshop, Misbah collaborated with fellow educators from the region, gaining invaluable insights into leveraging Atlas for curriculum development. Inspired by the different sessions she attended, Misbah has outlined a comprehensive plan to elevate her school’s curriculum and enrich student learning experiences:

Leveraging New Atlas Features

Misbah emphasizes the importance of utilizing the latest tools and features of Atlas for curriculum development and student learning enhancement. By ensuring they can use the tool to its fullest potential, teachers can seize every opportunity to plan dynamic and engaging learning experiences.

Setting Clear Benchmarks

Central to Misbah’s plan is the establishment of clear benchmarks for each course, ensuring alignment with curriculum objectives. By identifying power and supporting standards in Atlas, her teaching teams can plan curriculum that prioritizes key concepts that they have determined are key for success.

Reviewing and Updating Unit Plan Templates

Misbah advocates for the revision of unit plan templates and assessment methods in Atlas to enhance clarity and alignment with classroom practices. Through regular review and updates, she can ensure that the curriculum aligns with curriculum objectives.

Introducing Collaborative Review Protocols

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Misbah proposes the implementation of a collaborative review protocol she participated in during the Atlas Regional Workshop to uphold the quality and alignment of unit plans across all departments.

Guided Practice on Assessment Creation

Misbah underscores the significance of providing guided practice sessions for teachers to improve the quality of assessments and ensure alignment with curriculum objectives.

Identifying Gaps and Overlaps

Lastly, Misbah highlights the importance of running Scope and Sequence reports in Atlas to identify gaps and overlaps in the curriculum. With the insight in these reports, she can facilitate discussion and teachers can implement targeted interventions to enhance coherence and effectiveness in teaching and learning.

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About The Author

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Misbah Ghufran
Curriculum Coordinator
Lahore American School

Misbah Ghufran has been in international education since 2001. She started her career as an elementary teacher in the Middle East. She served as literacy lead for several years and piloted research based programs to strengthen her school’s literacy program. Currently she is working at Lahore American School, Pakistan as Curriculum Coordinator. She is also leading the school’s accreditation and has served as an evaluator in many CIS and MSA team visits. Misbah is passionate about bringing positive change to her community. With the help of Atlas platform, I am excited to develop new strategies to review the curriculum and lead the school towards continuous growth.

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