Unit Templates that Work

There are infinite ways to map your curriculum. Your unit template creates focus and articulates the key components of curriculum in your school or district. Creating and fine tuning your unit template is also a key step in the curriculum design and development process. Whether you are beginning an entirely new curriculum process or deep in the trenches of a current curriculum initiative, your unit template is integral to your work, and the work of your school or district.

Unit Template Categories

Atlas uses four different types of template categories for you to mix and match to create and collaborate using the most usable unit planner for your curriculum, each with its own features and capabilities.

All unit template categories have a few things in common, such as the ability to add attachments and be distinguished in Atlas Reports and with the Course Planner. The layout of your unit planner can also be customized by placing categories within sections.

Thinkers Each unit category can contain a custom description to support with helpful tips about what should be included. This is also a great place to share tips for generating the best content from Atlas AI for the specific unit template category.

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Unit Templates

In the beginning stages of parsing out your unit template, we encourage you to reflect on the following questions to inform the overall structure of your curriculum map:

  • What is the purpose of your curriculum?
  • Is your curriculum aligned to a specific pedagogy?
  • Are there external mandates for your curriculum?
  • What key initiatives do you want to capture?

Explore some of these common unit templates used by Atlas schools.