We all remember that teacher that understood us. The one who made the lessons click, engaged us in the learning, and empowered us to be critical thinkers, dreamers, and innovators. Our teachers shaped and inspired us. And now it is teacher appreciation week, when we have the opportunity to reflect on the amazing teachers that supported us from early childhood to young adulthood. During this week, we can also encourage the kids in our lives to be extra thankful, raise their hands, and, maybe even, bring in an apple.

In preparing for this week, we asked the kids of associates to share why they love their teachers and how their teachers positively impact them. Read what they had to say below:

Faith, 11th grade

My choir teacher Mr. Karn talks to us like we are adults. He knows how to have fun with us, but is also disciplined with fair boundaries. He is continuing to learn and research himself, and we benefit from his ongoing education.

Julia, 4th grade

My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Heins. She is very sweet and caring. She is very nice to my Mom and I. I always visit her when I walk by, and I want her to be my teacher again!

Aditya Krsna, Preschool

(with a little help from mom) I love my teachers, Molly and Allyssa, because they teach me new words, colors and letters every day, and we have so much fun painting!

Ali, 11th grade

Mr. Karn is connected with advanced choirs, and gives us the opportunity to strive to be like them.

Charlotte, 4th grade

Mrs. Aster was one of my favorite teachers. She always spoke kindly to us and she understood when we had problems and wanted to help us. She gave us brain breaks which is this thing where you get up and dance during class, because when you are studying all day long it helps to take breaks. She also got standing desks for us! And I loved how many books she had- the Roald Dahl books were my favorite!

Emma, 5th grade

I really like Ms. Smith because she doesn’t care if we mess up and she helps us get through it by learning new ways.  She gets our minds thinking by having us stretch in the morning.  During community circle she gives us a topic and a question, I really like this because I get to know more people in my class.

Justin, Pre-K

Dad: “What do you like about your teacher?”  Justin: School bus and teacher!

Jade, 9th grade

The teachers at Franklin High School are confident, welcoming, and inspiring. I would like to point out one in particular. Ms. Wagner is a English/CCE teacher. She is helpful, honest, and funny. When she’s teaching, you can tell she cares and she knows what she’s doing. If I ever needed something, I know she is the one I would go to.

Baladeva, Preschool

(with a little help from mom) I love my teachers, Molly and Allyssa, because they love me so much. I discover something new every day.

Violet, 8th grade

A teacher that has positively impacted my life was my art teacher. We had to take a semester of art and a semester of choir in our first year of middle school. I was veering towards choosing choir for my second year but after art I was unsure. My art teacher helped me improve and inspired me to draw more. I ended up taking art class and she has continued to help me get better with my style and encourage me.

Emmitt, 2nd grader

I love Ms. Julie because she’s so kind. And makes every student feel like they’re the only one in our class.

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