Social and Emotional Learning

  • Mindfulness: paying attention and active awareness of one’s feelings/emotions and how they impact thoughts and actions
  • Self Regulation: ability to respond to the one’s experiences with a range of emotions in a way that is socially tolerable and flexible to context of the situation/experience.
  • Zones of Regulation: an approach used to teach self-regulation skills by organizing emotions and states of alertness into 4 color-coded categories.
  • Growth Mindset: Individuals who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset. They tend to achieve more than those with a more fixed mindset (those who believe their talents are innate gifts

Introducing Social and Emotional Learning Concepts

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Resources

Zones of Regulation

Social Emotional Learning in the Catholic Classroom

Mindfulness Skills


Social and Emotional Learning:

Religion and Mindfulness

Trauma-Informed and ACEs

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