by the Rubicon Team, featuring Wheat Teller, Christ Presbyterian Academy, Tennessee

Have you ever heard teachers refer to mapping as “something I have to get done” or “out of sight, out of mind”? We have certainly heard these sentiments before, and we recently heard them from Wheat Teller, a first grade teacher from Tennessee that participated in our Rubicon Leadership Institute here in Portland, OR.

For those of us coming from the classroom, we completely understand this mindset. There is so much competing for a teacher’s limited time that it is hard to become invested in anything unless the purpose and benefit is internalized and prioritized. What was the ah-ha moment for Wheat? Seeing the mapping purpose made relevant to her and her kids, and making the connection between what her kids learned the year before, what they need to be prepared for next year, and how she can make the most of her time with her students.

But don’t take it from us- listen for yourself as Wheat tells her story of moving from reluctant to ready.

Does this message resonate with you? We would love to connect to explore how you and your team can move from reluctant to ready!

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