At Faria Education Group, we have the opportunity to work with educators from around the world. It provides us with tremendous perspectives and insight into the unique work schools are doing to support student growth and build community. It also allows us to see the many threads that are common among all schools. The energy at our events and workshops is phenomenal due to the expertise, curiosity, and drive to learn and share that educators bring. Each time we learn so much and walk away inspired. We wanted to find a way to capture and share the ideas, approaches, and experiences with our broader community.

We are excited to introduce Curriculum Insights, an international magazine powered by our community of educators. This magazine offers stories by fellow educators who are working to transform teaching and learning by redefining curriculum and instruction. Within its pages are in-depth features, essays, reviews, and go-to strategies educators use to shape their school and districts. Our goal is to connect our incredible global community by providing a platform to leverage our collective expertise to start conversations, reflect on our practices, and continue to grow together.

You can read more articles like this in our new Curriculum Magazine:

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