We’re heading back to school, which means school supplies, new schedules, and a return of the dreaded… early bed time!  Our Early Readers’ #thatbookthat series is perfect for those goodnight reads. Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @RubiconAtlas, where you can tweet us your own #thatbookthat!

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#thatbookthat makes even an infant excited about reading: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Bill Martin Jr. & John Archambault

This poetic rhyming book follows the letters of the alphabet as they race up the coconut tree; but will they all fit? And what happens if they don’t?

This classic children’s book has delighted readers for years, and it has already encouraged a love of reading for my infant who kicks and coos with joy at the high-contrast pictures and the chanted rhymes. You are never too young to start loving books! ~ Megan Davenport

#thatbookthat you should stock in your classroom: Stellaluna, Janell Cannon

While searching for food one night, the young fruit bat Stellaluna gets separated from her mother. Follow along as she makes friends with some birds, and eventually finds her way home!

Even though this book was published in 1993, it still makes for a wonderfully engaging story for younger students (and it was one of my childhood favorites!). This whimsical story teaches children about ecology, covering everything from how bats live to predator-prey relationships. Sure to be a crowd favorite, this tale will also warm your heart. ~ Gwyneth Manser

#thatbookthat teaches children how to get along well with others, even when they are different from you: Do Unto Otters, A Book About Manners, Laurie Keller

When Rabbit finds out his new neighbors are otters, he worries he’s not going to know how to interact with them. By asking the question, “How would I like otters to treat me?” rabbit sets out to discover what he needs and wants in friendships. Hmm…Maybe otters aren’t that different after all?

Through playful storytelling and comedic appeal, this book addresses topics like cooperation, honesty, teasing, apologizing, sharing, and many more. Author Laurie Keller also introduces other languages in the teaching of manners, demonstrating the importance and versatility of the golden rule. Who knew learning manners could be this fun?! (The book is also available with a delightfully catchy audio accompaniment.) ~ Sarah Hanna

#thatbookthat teaches about loyalty in the face of dragons, without being scary enough to cause nightmares: Room on the Broom, Julia Donaldson & Axel Sheffler 

A big-hearted witch takes on more and more animal passengers until her little broomstick breaks… just as a dragon comes to make her his lunch!  Will the witch end up in the dragon’s inside?

With fun, clever rhyming and a spell-binding story about friendship and loyalty, this little book is an instant family classic. ~ Joseph Lanigan

#thatbookthat celebrates big imaginations: The Last Basselope: One Ferocious Story, Berkeley Breathed

Otis the Penguin, Bill the Cat, Miquetoast the Housebug, and Ronald-Ann the Housekid brave the wilderness in search of a fabled beast who leaves a trail of snipped dandelion-heads in his wake: the Basselope.

This gorgeously illustrated (and comedically astute) book will be a favorite on the bookshelf for both kids and adults. The “scary” search of the basselope, which ends in the (spoiler alert!) discovery of a dandelion-loving Basset Hound, allows young readers to experience suspense safely. Read along to learn about the importance of active imaginations and exploring outdoors! ~ Kailey Rhodes

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