Follow along as Ann Johnson walks through a strategy for getting started in curriculum development of quality units.  This process is very similar to pre-writing and allows the teacher to brainstorm ideas while talking and thinking through possibilities to makes the unit more engaging and student focused.  There are multiple ways to begin this process and it will depend on what elements your would like to target initially.

Additional Resources
  • Quality Units Reference & Coaching Protocols [ pdf ]
  • Live Webinar on Curriculum Basics [ more info ]

Coaching for Interdisciplinary Units

Coaching for PE Instruction

Coaching for Kindergarten Units

Coaching for Middle School Science

Coaching is Available to You!

We did our best in these videos to convey the actual process that you can use when working on your maps. The technique of open-ended questioning is a learned skill that takes practice.  We have professional development centered around developing internal capacity in creating curriculum coaches.  Check out our professional development offerings.

The videos produced on this page, are a result of Ann Johnson’s time with us at Rubicon International in Portland, OR during the summer of 2014. All educators in these video are actual teachers and the processes they are going through in the video are live. They attended the Rubicon Leadership Institute, which we hold a few times each year to help school’s develop a quality process to develop curriculum to meet their specific realistic goals.

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