Quick Guide to Onboarding Atlas Users: Getting Back to School

There are two separate skill sets for teachers to develop in order to fully benefit from using Atlas within their school or district. In thinking about onboarding new-to-Atlas users, consider both technical and curriculum writing skill sets and what supports for each are the most useful to your school leaders and teachers.

If you are unsure of the level or type of asynchronous, virtual or in-person support your school needs, let’s schedule a call and talk about what an Atlas partnership looks like at your school.

We’ve put together a list of resources (blogs and videos) and links to help new-to-Atlas users build their technical knowledge with Atlas as a tool. Take a look below to get started and make sure teachers are both confident and well equipped to start the year off on the right foot!

Technical Skills

Curriculum Writing Skills

Teachers will join your school or district with a variety of knowledge and skills in curriculum writing. Consider what knowledge these teachers will need in order to maintain the school’s curriculum progress, as well as areas of future professional development that will build capacity as a group. Popular beginning of the year topics include:

  • Benefits of documenting a school’s curriculum
  • Understanding your unit template (Style Guide)
  • Using standards to unpack content and student objectives
  • Unit vs lesson level writing and supporting processes within the school

For a complete list of virtual topics, check out our website. Looking for an onsite day? Let us know and we can build an agenda that meets your school’s specific needs.
By including technical Atlas training and curriculum writing skills to your new teacher orientation activities, you can ensure your new-to-Atlas users are ready to step into your school’s existing curriculum processes and continue the work forward!

Moving Forward

Once your teachers that are new to Atlas are using the platform as an effective tool, the focus turns to building and strengthening a more robust, interconnected curriculum, supported by continuous review cycles. We are ready to work alongside you as a partner and curriculum consultant, thinking through processes and larger scale curriculum initiatives. Have a great year everyone!