Quick Guide to Onboarding Atlas Users: Getting Back to School

When preparing to welcome new faculty to the school or district, leaders should consider both technical and curriculum writing skill sets and what supports to prepare staff to most effectively and meaningfully use Atlas and join the curriculum process of the institution.

Your Atlas Account Manager can work with you to provide your faculty with both technical professional learning of the Atlas Platform and a variety of curriculum writing professional development topics through traditional in-person, hybrid, and/or virtual (synchronous or asynchronous) support. Explore our common offerings at onatlas.com/pd and do not hesitate to share your individual needs with your Atlas Account Manager.


For both technical and curriculum writing support, Atlas has a series of online courses that teachers, leaders, and curriculum writers can take individually, at their own pace, on their own schedule. These courses include three categories: Atlas ‘How-to’, Curriculum and Instruction, and topics such as Curriculum Basics for Teachers in Atlas, Navigating Atlas, and Hybrid Courses, Events, and Institutes.

Atlas ‘How-to’

These courses are designed to orient new users to the Atlas platform. This category includes topics including Navigating Atlas, Basic System Admin, and Curriculum Basics for Teachers in Atlas. Many schools find success in assigning these courses to staff new to the school as part of their annual preparation for the school year. For schools with Premium Support, these courses are included in your Atlas subscription at no additional cost.

at howto

Curriculum and Instruction

These courses have been designed by our Professional Development team and educational leaders in the field. The topics range from curriculum writing and mapping with best practices in Atlas to executive functioning and distributing leadership in schools. Like the Atlas How-to courses, these are excellent resources to provide teachers and new leaders with professional development for individuals or small groups to complete at their own pace. These courses can be purchased as a bundle on their own or alongside the collection of Atlas How-to courses.

Hybrid Courses, Events, and Institutes

Many Faria Events, virtual and in-person, include a virtual course or community page with pre-work, resources, and connections with other educators. To gain access to these courses and communities, register for the next upcoming event!

Professional Development

In addition to AtlasLearn asynchronous courses, your Atlas team can provide facilitated professional development tailored to your school. Our Professional Development Team creates onsite sessions and workshops as well as virtual learning and coaching cycles. Many of popular offerings focus on curriculum development and leveraging Atlas, but most importantly, prioritize integrating your curriculum initiatives within your school culture, processes, and goals.

Site Updates

Before the beginning of the school year, there are some annual maintenance tasks for system administrators to complete to ensure a smooth start to the school year. Reference our end-of-year checklist to ensure that you’ve updated your site for the beginning of the school year.