Preparing Atlas for End of the Year

At the end of each school year, or in preparation for the upcoming year, there are important tasks for System Administrators to complete after the curriculum has been archived in Atlas, which is typically set for early summer break. Use this checklist for step-by-step instructions to prepare your site in the Admin tab of your Atlas system.

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Academic Calendar

Begin by updating the Academic Calendar in the Site Configuration section of the Admin dashboard. These dates correspond to the Unit Calendar that teachers use to map curriculum. Update your site with current start and end dates for the academic year, grading periods, term breaks, and any other key dates for your teachers and curriculum designers.

Annual Archive Date

Confirm or set a new date for your annual archive for next year in the Site Configuration section. Atlas automatically saves a copy of all curriculum maps in your system for historical reference. Archived maps include all curriculum including standards, assessments, links, etc. Simultaneously, all curriculum is copied forward into next year’s maps allowing teachers to begin modifying existing courses or developing new units for the upcoming year. Make sure that the date you select for the annual archive is late enough in the school year that teachers will have their final draft of the year’s curriculum ready to archive.

Add New Teachers

Under Manage Users, click Add New User for each new faculty that will be joining your school this year. Be sure to include an accurate email address so each teacher can receive Atlas notifications and password resets. If you have more than 15 new teachers to add, you might find it quicker to import new users using a .CSV spreadsheet. Simply click the Import Users button and follow the instructions.

Remove Teachers

Browse through the user list, or type a few letters of a user’s name into Find users, and click ☒ Delete to remove the user account. If this user has courses assigned to them, you will see an option to assign the courses to a different teacher before deleting their account.
Deleting teachers from Atlas will never delete courses from your system. Courses with no teachers assigned will remain visible on your course list until new teachers are assigned, or the course is recycled.

Course Assignments

Under Manage Courses, you may still need to adjust course assignments for teachers who are switching grade levels or teaching different courses in the upcoming year. This is best done by grade or by subject. Use the filters to limit the number of courses to work with, hover over the developers and teachers columns to see current assignments, then use the ✎ Edit pencil to change the teaching assignments. Repeat for each grade/subject necessary.