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Atlas and OneRoster Integration

Product Updates, Atlas | December 11, 2020
Do you ever wonder how rostering, course setup and grade reporting data gets exchanged between your school’s Students Information System (SIS) and other learning tools? Unless there is a common data structure, it is very hard for data to flow from one system to...

All Your Lesson Plans, in One Place!

Product Updates, Atlas | August 27, 2020
The most certain thing about the year 2020 is – uncertainty. It’s uncertain whether, when and how teachers and students will return to the classroom; how prolonged remote learning has impacted, or will impact student learning and well-being; or whether in...

Introducing AtlasNext

We are excited to announce that AtlasNext is now available! AtlasNext is a Curriculum-First learning platform designed for online planning, assessment and reporting for K-12 schools worldwide. Our new platform provides schools with a unified system on a consistent,...

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