Atlas + QSAC

For over a decade, Atlas has supported New Jersey schools in developing QSAC-aligned curricula and processes.

Detailed Reporting at Your Fingertips

One of Atlas’s most powerful features is its ability to run reports to find a myriad of information about a district’s curriculum. Reports are helpful in finding gaps and inconsistencies in curriculum – before QSAC monitoring.

NJ Resources

Helpful hints to guide your curriculum work.

For the past 10 years, the Atlas team has supported New Jersey schools in developing QSAC-aligned curricula and processes. We hope that you find the below resources helpful on your QSAC journey!

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Professional Development

Achieve Your Curriculum Writing Goals.

Flexible and Dynamic Sessions

We know that the implementation of the 2023 New Jersey SLS is an ongoing process! Partner with Atlas and FariaPD to get a head start on your curriculum writing.

A few objectives from some of our professional development packages:

  • Support school leadership in getting organized for curriculum writing and review
  • Provide basic curriculum writing skills and context to curriculum writers as a refresher course
  • Prepare teachers for curriculum writing responsibilities within their school and/or department
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Upcoming Events

Our curriculum documents passed QSAC with flying colors!!!! I cannot thank you enough for your support and guidance as we prepared for state monitoring. Due to the pandemic, our district had not been monitored for almost 6 years! While it was a grueling process, my team and I learned a lot about how to best build and design curriculum to align with standards and best meet monitoring requirements. Utilizing the tools and features of Atlas made the process so much easier and allowed us to ensure compliance all along the way.
Rebecca Montgomery
Rebecca Montgomery
Freehold Township

Meet our New Jersey Team

Discover how schools around the world use Atlas to support their curriculum journey.

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