Atlas for School Groups

Customized Curriculum Management, Detailed Reporting and Analytics, Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration for School Groups.

Why Atlas

With Atlas, educators can easily access curriculum guidelines provided by the School Group and adapt to their own local context and requirements. A fully integrated system, Atlas also enables educators to support multiple curricula and the ability to weave school values and mission into the core curriculum and every academic and extra-curriculuar activity managed in the platform.

On a broader scale, schools within the groups can utilize Atlas to bring transparency to how the core curriculum has been adapted and implemented on different campuses and facilitate professional collaboration.


Build Scale with Atlas

No need to sacrifice quality while scaling up. With Atlas, you can allow new schools in your group build on the model curriculum and best practices already in place, and adapt them to local use.
General Goal

All-in-One with Integrations

We designed a system to assist educators and learners with all the curriculum development tasks they need to accomplish on a daily basis from unit and lesson planning, to assessment management and attendance tracking, to gradebooks and report cards. Partner integrations include Google Apps for Education, Office 365, TurnItIn, and more.

Exceptional Service & Support

All schools receive unlimited complimentary phone and e-mail support for teachers and administrators, plus flexible online training options. Our technology operations and support teams, mostly comprised of educators, deliver world-class service with 99.8% system uptime, 24-hour telephone & e-mail support, and security & data protection compliance.
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Accreditation Made Easy

Whether your group schools are accredited by WASC, NEASC, NWAIS, or other regional and national agencies, Atlas can enhance the process from initial planning and evidence gathering to reporting and creating a plan for improvement. Housed in one platform, Atlas simplifies the school accreditation process for the self-study as well as the site visit. Built-in reporting capabilities enable meaningful reflection on curriculum as part of the larger school ecosystem. And, the flexible template design allows schools to configure templates to capture the self-study process, significantly centralizing and organizing the school accreditation process.
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Service-Learning, PBL, & Student Portfolios

Enhancing classroom learning with robust real-world experiences builds stronger learners and keeps students engaged. We make the process of managing student portfolios, service-learning and project-based-learning a breeze.

Report Card Functionality

Say goodbye to convoluted report card logistics. With Atlas, you can generate beautiful report cards with customizable templates in just a few clicks. Go paperless by automatically sharing report cards with students and parents.

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What People Are Saying

“Atlas gives you an opportunity to communicate with other teachers, share ideas, and collaborate. It helps a new teacher come in and see this is what we are doing for the year. This our plan.”

Kevin English | Perrysburg School District, Ohio

“Atlas is not about filling in boxes. This is about designing instruction. In addition to having a place where we’re housing our curriculum…the bigger goal is to say how do we ensure that every second-grade classroom is providing the same level of learning for our students?”

Raina Kor | Irvington School District, NY

“This is allowing our 4th grade teachers to see what is going on in 5th grade. Our 8th grade teachers to see what is going on in 9th. That’s the nice piece about having a dynamic, online platform. [Atlas] is helping to build that communication.

Dr. Peter Lancia | Westbrook School Department, ME

“Candidly, Atlas is a great resource for people to take advantage of because you are never done and you are constantly revising … it’s not even about the adults in that process, it is about the kids.”

Dr. Matt Crowley | Woburn Schools, MA

“Atlas was a catalyst in allowing our curriculum to move ahead in a lot of great ways over the last few years. Before, the curriculum had not been written down in a form that could be easily accessed and have the flexibility to be revised and changed on a regular basis.”

Meghan Kimpton | The Meridian School

“Atlas revealed itself to be concrete tool to facilitate teacher growth and development. We began using reports to share information in a variety of ways and the reporting tool instantly became relevant in our meetings.”

Pamela Penna | The Park School, MA

The value for mapping from my perspective is that it is a collaborative process in and of itself. Atlas gives you the flexibility to fit the mapping process into your strategic thinking at large. The beautiful thing about Atlas is that it is also an opportunity to talk about teaching.

Simon Owen-Williams | Portledge School, NY

“The beauty of Atlas is that everything the teacher types in this year is archived so it will be there next year. Our teachers love this…they can just go year to year and make modifications.”

Karey Reed | Global Education Excellence, MI

“Principals, assistant principals, heads of departments… are actively working with teams to tweak and build their units. Part of that protocol is that Atlas is open and someone is documenting the conversation and updating the units as they are going through the process.”

Ryan Silverthorne | British Columbia International School of Bangkok

“We didn’t have this where I worked before. It is so nice to come to a place where I don’t have to wonder — what are the most important things to teach.”

Dr. RJ Webber | Novi Community School District, MI

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