At the end of each school year or in preparation for next year, it’s important for the System Administrator to do a few things *after* the curriculum has been archived in Atlas (typically this is set after the last day of instruction). Use the checklist below or download this Quick Guide for step-by-step directions in the Admin tab of your Atlas system.

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1. Update Your Academic Calendar

System Admins have the ability to adjust the Academic Calendar in the Site Configuration section of the Admin dashboard. For example, the start and end dates may need to be updated to reflect the new academic year. These dates correspond to the Unit Calendar that teachers use to map curriculum.

2. Set the new archive date

The System Admin sets a date for your annual archive once a year through the Site Configuration section. Atlas automatically saves a copy of all curriculum maps in your system for historical reference. Archived maps include all curriculum including Standards, Assessments, Links, etc. Simultaneously, all curriculum is copied forward into next year’s maps allowing Teachers to begin modifying existing Courses or developing new units for the upcoming year.

3. Add any new teachers

As System Admin, you have the capability to manage the list of teachers and users who have access to your Atlas system. Under Teachers & Privileges, be sure to include an accurate email address to ensure that each teacher receives messages from other teachers, notifications when notes are posted to their maps, and automated emails to reset passwords. System Admins also have the ability to import a large number of teachers from a CSV spreadsheet into the Atlas system.

4. Remove the accounts of teachers no longer at your school

Similar to #3, you can access Teachers & Privileges from the Admin dashboard to update the teacher’s editing access. Use the Find teachers: search field to quickly locate the teacher or User Account. Then click the X Delete button to remove the teacher or User account and click OK to confirm. If there are maps assigned to this teacher, you will be presented options to continue.

  • Click Confirm Delete to remove the teacher account from Atlas. The Course(s) will remain in the system without a teacher assigned.
  • Click Cancel to cancel the action and return to Teachers and Privileges to reassign the Course maps.

5. Ensure courses are assigned to the correct teacher(s)

Manage Courses contains list of Course Assignments in your system and should represent all of the classes being taught in the current academic year. You can have multiple course assignments; for example, Science 6 can be a collaboration taught by multiple teachers in addition to being taught individually. If a teacher is not selected, the course will remain in the system with no teachers assigned to edit the course.

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