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Next Generation Assessment Platform

Making assessments efficient and improving learning outcomes.

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Transition from traditional paper and pencil to next generation digital assessments


Interactive Assessments

Give students more ways to understand and express their knowledge.


Online or Offline. In-class or at-home. Wherever the student is.


Faster Grading

Save time with assisted marking and get detailed insights into student learning.



Spare the trees and shift to digital. Over a 1000 trees saved so far.


Handwriting Agnostic

No more illegible handwriting. Save yourself the frustration. Students prefer typing too!


Secure and Robust

Optional lockdown mode with cloud backups.

Our customers use us everyday

Schools in 25 countries use AssessPrep in a bid to change the way they manage and deliver assessments.

Happy Customers



Trees Saved


And their appreciation continues to motivate us

A Complete Solution

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Create Rich, Interactive Assessments

Collaboratively create assessments with videos, simulations, images and a variety of question types.


15+ Question Types

MCQs, long answer, auto-correctable interactives – Label, Hotspot, Match, Sort, Classify, Graphing, Table/Chart and more.

Question Bank

Reuse questions and assessments from existing resource library.

Assessment Delivery – Fast, Flexible and Secure

Everyday Assessments

Online assessments delivered quickly via any browser on any device.

Modern Interface and Tools

Advanced tools like timer, math editor, multi-lingual support, calculator, graphing, drawing. Full accessibility support

Secure Offline assessments

Deliver high-stakes (summative) assessments in lockdown mode with cloud backups and low-stakes (formative) assessments with the all-new online test delivery mode.

Grading and Analytics

Reap the benefits of e-marking and gain deep insights

Automation and Speed

Automark questions with pre-defined answers, dramatically reducing workload. Faster grading of long answer responses with student-wise grading.

Annotations and Feedback

Annotate student answers with your comments and give overall feedback.

Actionable Analytics

Gain real time feedback and insights into knowledge gaps and common misconceptions.

Coming Soon – An App For Teachers to Manage it All

Monitor assessments in realtime, perform actions, receive alerts, communicate with students.

Monitor in Realtime

Assessment progress, time left, version info and more for each student. If someone is running low on battery or just submitted their assessment, you’ll know!

Remote Control

Two students need extra time? Go ahead and add 10 minutes for them. Pause the assessment for the entire class? Just select all and pause. Student facing an issue? Report straight from the app.


Live Chat

Broadcast important announcements or respond to student questions during an assessment.

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One-Click Setup

With just one click, all your school settings, users, subjects and classes will be setup with AssessPrep and will stay in sync.


Single Sign-On

No need for separate login details. Simply login with your Atlas accounts.

task stream

Task and Stream

Coming Soon. Create and assign an AssessPrep task inside Atlas.



Coming Soon. Assign grades for AssessPrep tasks using the split-screen Atlas Gradebook.


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