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FairaPD is led by expert educators who create flexible online and in-person professional development events designed to support the unique goals of your school or district.


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Did you know that we offer Virtual PD?

We can train your team virtually on School Leadership & Process, Curriculum Development, and Instructional Strategies. Our team can support your work virtually with remote professional development in a synchronous or asynchronous format.
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We believe that focused PD empowers educators to transform the learning experience through their curriculum.

“Students have benefited from FariaPD because students now have a guaranteed, viable curriculum.”
-Dr Kenneth Card
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Huntington Union Free School

Did you know that you can earn PD Credits and Certifications?

We offer a variety of options for schools when it comes to documenting the professional learning to support teachers in gaining their continuing education credits. Choose from certificates for shorter sessions to PD Credit offered through a University when sessions total 15 hours or more.


Customize a Professional Development Plan for Your School

FariaPD works with educational leaders around the world to develop a curriculum-first professional development plan that is customized to solve your school’s core challenges. We build PD that is informative and interactive, ensuring tangible outcomes for all participants. Our offerings span from developing strategic plans with administrators to writing high-quality curriculum with teachers. We’re also experienced in supporting instructional coaches through providing them with the tools necessary to meet their school-wide goals.

We offer three main categories of PD: School Leadership & Process, Curriculum Development, and Instructional Strategies. Our team will travel to your school or district for customized onsite PD, or you can choose a series of sessions to participate in with us online. We believe that professional development is not a one-time initiative, but an ongoing process. That’s why we offer PD tracks with several sessions that can be tailored to your school-wide objectives. Mix and match from the following tracks to start creating a professional development plan for your school.

School Leadership & Process

Quality curriculum and instruction start with school leadership. Design a seamless process with an articulated vision, in-depth planning, and essential resources to support and engage educators and maintain momentum. Sample sessions include:

  • Design a Curriculum Process
  • Curriculum Review
  • Support your School Accreditation Process

Curriculum Development

Bring your curriculum to life with effective instructional techniques and approaches to learning to motivate and engage students while fostering academic growth. Sample sessions include:

  • Curriculum Writing
  • Develop Standards-Based Curriculum
  • Develop a Concept-Based Curriculum

Instructional Strategies

Curriculum is the foundation for teaching and learning. Guide teachers as they create a living and authentic curriculum that elevates and aligns instruction to enhance student learning. Sample sessions include:

  • Strategies to Engage Students with NGSS or Differentiated Instruction
  • Integrating Social-Emotional Learning Standards and Competencies into Curriculum
  • Move from Instructor to Facilitator in the Classroom

    We recognize that facilitating professional development for schools and districts also means considering the location and delivery method best suited to meet their learning goals. We offer the following formats:

    Onsite Workshops

    Our Professional Development Specialist will help you create an agenda that is tailored to meet the unique learning goals of your school. We can work with different groups of people to accomplish their goals: leadership teams, curriculum writers in small groups, or larger all-staff sessions. Consider combining an onsite day with online sessions for maximum impact!

    Read our Case Studies here to see examples of schools’ creative uses of structuring their PD content and delivery method options.

    Virtual Sessions

    Our team can support your work virtually with remote professional development in a synchronous or asynchronous format. We will work with you to create a plan consisting of single or multiple online sessions with targeted learning goals.

    All our packages and sessions can be found here.

    Online events and virtual cohorts can be found here.

    Online Curriculum Consultation

    Our team of facilitators is here to support your curriculum work and provide the extra momentum you need to keep moving forward. We can brainstorm ideas, discuss next steps or provide feedback on work in progress. You can choose how to use coaching hours throughout the year; mix and match session topics to make the most of the time available.

    More details and topic suggestions can be found here.

    To schedule or get more details, reach out here!

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