Data & Assessment Literacy

We will work with you to create an ideal professional development plan to support your goals and budget.

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Individual Sessions

All our sessions can be conducted onsite or facilitated online over a series of engagements. Onsite sessions are $2500 a day per facilitator, plus travel costs. Our online sessions are offered at $250 an hour, with some sessions requiring a minimum of two hours.

Support a Data Inquiry Process

Onsite: 1 day

Who Should Attend?
We will tailor each session to meet your specific needs. The audience may include:

  • Peer Coaches
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Administrators
  • Teachers

Learn how you can use a data inquiry cycle as a strategy to support teachers in effectively using their curriculum and assessment data to improve student learning.

In our session, we will walk through each step of a data inquiry cycle:

  • Gain Perspective: What are your goals and priorities for reviewing your data?
  • Prepare Data: What information or resources will help answer your question?
  • Discover or Uncover: What can you learn from the data? What confirms your expectations, and what surprises you?
  • Meet, Discuss, and Adjust: How can we collaborate with our teams to adjust our instruction based on these results?
  • Identify Next Steps: How can we put our plan into action?

Develop a data-inquiry cycle customized to meet the needs of your school, with protocols and resources to support your work.

Create a Process for Standards-Based Grading

Onsite: 1 day

Who Should Attend?
Curriculum and assessment leaders

Develop your process for standards-based grading. Consider how you will support both students and teachers and determine your steps to ensure consistent grading practices.

Create a standards-based grading approach for your school or district with strategies and resources to get started.

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