Curriculum Development

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Individual Sessions

All our sessions can be conducted onsite or facilitated online over a series of engagements. Onsite sessions are $2500 a day per facilitator, plus travel costs. Our online sessions are offered at $250 an hour, with some sessions requiring a minimum of two hours.

Curriculum Writing
Onsite: 1 day to Multi-day | Online: 1 – 3 one-hour guided sessions

Audience: Teachers and/or curriculum writers

A key aspect of building a guaranteed and viable curriculum is to outline what students will know, understand and do within each subject, grade level, and course within a school or district. This starts at the unit level. In our workshops, we guide teachers through the process of unitizing what they teach by identifying clear learning targets and unpacking those targets into clearly articulated content and skills.

Depending on the focus of your school or district, curriculum writing might also involve developing the essential questions and understanding that frame learning in a bigger picture that allows students to make connections across subjects and content areas and makes learning meaningful. With clearly established learning targets, teachers can build assessments and design the rich learning experience that lead to student growth.

We will work with you to create an agenda and outcomes to meet your needs.

Develop Standards-Based Curriculum
Onsite: 1 day | Online: 3 two-hour guided sessions + independent work

Audience: Teachers and/or curriculum writers

We support teachers in the process of reading and translating academic standards into clear learning targets. This involves articulating the overarching understandings, content and skills embedded within each standard. This can include identifying power standards, which are a subset of the broader learning standards that educators determine to be the most essential for students to learn. Once learning targets have been established, we guide teachers in creating pacing guides, which establish when the standards will be taught throughout the academic year.

We will work with you to create an agenda and outcomes to meet your needs.

Develop a Concept-Based Curriculum

Onsite: 1-2 days

Audience: Teachers and/or curriculum writers

A more sophisticated curriculum and instruction model is necessary in order to develop higher order level thinking in students. It is needed in order for students to use their minds, ask questions and think critically to solve problems. Many teachers have difficulty to facilitate a conceptual learning experience for students. Support teachers to develop a systematic approach for concept-based curriculum and instruction.


Review literature and best practice around concept-based curriculum
Explore how to develop your own concept-based curriculum
Design a concept-based curriculum unit and integrate instructional strategies that promote student agency
Reflect on next steps for delivery and implementation in your context

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