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Meet Atlas,
A Tailored Curriculum Solution Designed with Your Process in Mind

The Get to Know Atlas webinars are geared towards school leaders and administrators who are not yet using Atlas.

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Get to Know Atlas!

In these webinars, we aim to provide a picture of how Atlas can be customized to meet the curricular needs of your school or district, including collaborative curriculum planning, analysis, and more. Questions are welcomed!

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What do schools say about Atlas?

“Atlas gives you an opportunity to communicate with other teachers, share ideas, and collaborate. It helps a new teacher come in and see this is what we are doing for the year. This is our plan.”

Kevin English | Perrysburg School District, Ohio

“Atlas is not about filling in boxes. This is about designing instruction. In addition to having a place where we’re housing our curriculum…the bigger goal is to say, ‘how do we ensure that every second-grade classroom is providing the same level of learning for our students?’”

Raina Kor | Irvington School District, NY

“This is allowing our 4th grade teachers to see what is going on in 5th grade. Our 8th grade teachers to see what is going on in 9th. That’s the nice piece about having a dynamic, online platform. [Atlas] is helping to build that communication.”

Dr. Peter Lancia | Westbrook School Department, ME

“Atlas was a catalyst in allowing our curriculum to move ahead in a lot of great ways over the last few years. Before, the curriculum had not been written down in a form that could be easily accessed and have the flexibility to be revised and changed on a regular basis.”

Meghan Kimpton | The Meridian School