We know that, in the IB Diploma Programme, students have to be highly self-directed and driven in order to succeed.

The most effective way to develop self-regulation in students is through carefully considered, student-centered, process-focused instruction.

As you think about your plans for this year, consider where your students are and where you want them to be, both by the end of this school year and by the end of Grade 12 (regardless of whether you actually teach the DP!). While you do so, I encourage you to reflect on the following questions:

  1. What are some of the processes your students need to engage in effectively in order to be successful in your subject?
  2. How do/could you help your students to assimilate these processes, rather than taking the short cuts that so many adolescents and teenagers are prone to taking?
  3. How do/could you monitor students’ processes to ensure they are engaging in them effectively?
  4. What sorts of scaffolds and resources do/could you put into place to make your job easier and to help clarify the expectations for your students?
  5. How do/could you engage your students as resources for each other?

Asking yourself these questions is the first step in developing the student-centered, process-focused curriculum that is a prerequisite for developing self-regulation in your students.

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