Standards are continuously in a state of review. Chances are, you have undertaken the process of realigning your curriculum to a new or updated set of curriculum standards. And, it is more than likely that you will have to repeat this process again. As administrators, leading the charge of realigning and updating curriculum, you know this can be long and laborious, but it is often time sensitive upcoming state assessments mandate students to be familiar with new standards of learning.

The collective results of these efforts include:

  • OWNERSHIP: teachers confidently take on the new curriculum, making it their own with standards, resources, and units that are more collectively designed
  • COLLABORATION: teachers exchange and refine ideas but still have individual courses that allow them to independently illustrate the “what vs. how” in planned curriculum
  • REFLECTION: teachers have found that common, intentional time to share ideas has innately woven in time for reflection, therefore directly improving the next year’s curriculum

But, creating a positive shift in schools when realigning curriculum to new standards, it is imperative to have a process set in place. Guided by administrators, we developed the infographic below to support schools realigning curriculum to new standards (download it here)!

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