To most people, change is scary. It requires us to depart from the known, move towards an uncertain end, and inevitably encounter a few hiccups along the way. Why do we take on the challenge?  Without change, we cannot move forward as humans, or as institutions.

Change management is providing structure and oversight within change to quell people’s apprehensions and fears when it comes to the change. With effective change management, change is far from scary. And with inspirational leaders at the helm, change is inviting, it is fun, and it is energizing. In addition to strong leadership, sustainable change requires a guiding vision, skilled team members, individual incentives, adequate resources, and a plan of action.

Just as with any organization, change management is relevant to schools and districts. Education is an ever-evolving field. From new pedagogies, new technology, new funding parameters, and new expectations for graduates, change is a fixture of education. School leadership needs to be prepared for these shifts and capable of guiding staff along the way and in the face of uncertainty.

Set your team up for success by following this recipe for change! In this whitepaper, we want to give you the tools to guide your school through change using proven change management strategies. We begin by outlining the most important aspects of change management for schools, and then we move to education-specific process planning steps to help you predict potential roadblocks to success, identify current setbacks in your process, and move forward to get your team back on track to meet your goals. We also share leadership stories about successfully managing change within their school.

Download the full Change Management Guide.

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